Ultra4's take on Gundy400

This year's Gundy400 was one for the record books for the Aust4 community. For the first time, Ultra4 Race cars were allowed to compete in the national off-road racing event as an invitational class. The Gundy400 stayed true to its reputation of being one of, if not, the toughest Off-road race in Australia. For the Ultra4 teams, 2019 Gundy400 will long be talked about for some time to come. But not because of how close the race was, but of course, about the track itself. The race was brutal this year. Hot conditions, pushing out dust, poor visibility, hitting melon holes saw over half of the overall 90 contenders DNF. 

As for us, without a suitable Ultra4 to compete in, we instead rolled up our sleeves and provided pit support for Thorpe Motorsports. Had not Mitch and kaitie suffered mechanical issues at the end of section 2, the team would have easily finished in the top 30. As you can imagine, for a team that has never touched foot on that course before, only shows what a cracking good job they did.

In the end, congratulations goes to Anything Mechanical who took the podium for the Utlra4 Class 11 category and to other 6 Ultra4 teams. For a race car that isn't purposely designed for that style of racing, the teams definitely showed everyone on the weekend that we're serious business.

Up next for the 2019 season is the last round of the Aust4 Racing Series, October 25-27, Landcruiser Park, Queensland. This will be our final round in the Limited Class. With all the optimism that one can grasp, our new IFS Ultra4 will be ready to join the ranks of the big guns, in the Unlimited Class. 

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