Taking Home Second At Round 3 Aust4 Racing πŸ₯ˆ

The 2019 Aust4 Racing Series came to an exciting finish last weekend, with Ben and I taking home second place.

Considering the damage we did last race, we came into the weekend with the goal to look after the car and simply finish.

The track was a lot kinder on car #22 this round. There was a lot of fast flowing sections, some fun sweeping corners mixed with a few rocky climbs. For Prologue, Ben and I had a great first. A missed gate handed us a one minute penalty but we still managed to position third.

Saturday was much the same. We had a good feel for the car and everything was working the way it should. Only one point in the first heat did we slide wide on a corner and nearly ended up stuck on a large fallen tree. We stuck to our plan and didn’t push the car any harder than what it could handle, allowing us to cross the finish line second.

A huge thanks to Ben Gavin for naving and Rhian Hogg for helping in the pits. Plus, thank you to Ben English and all the guys who helped made the event happen.

This was our last race in the Ultra4 Limited Class. Next year, we’re joining the ranks of the Unlimited Ultra4s in our new car. That means this car will be up for sale if anyone is interested. Β 


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