Aust 4 Racing - Round 2
Stoked to have competed in our first Aust 4 race. 
Ben and I started the weekend strong, qualifying 2nd in prologue, which for our first ever run at race pace, we couldn't be happier. 
Race day, we headed into the first heat with great pace. The car was performing well and Ben doing an awesome job as navi. However, towards the end of the heat, car #22 clipped a tree stump resulting in a flat tyre, pulling us to the back of the pack.
In heat 2, we pushed the car too hard in the rocks and busted the front axle. With no spares, we continued anyway for the sake of it. But now in 3 wheel drive, we had to push the car even harder and ended up busting a rear axle, putting an end to the race. 
Overall though, we were really happy with how we went for our first ever attempt at racing. Can't wait to get back in the car for round 3 and taking it a little steadier around the rocks. Needless to say, we're now even keener to crack on with building the new ultra 4 car for next season.

Thanks everyone for your support!

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