My love for 4wd and rock crawling started after a family holiday to Cape York in Queensland, Australia. Like it does with everyone, the Old Telegraph Track had me hooked. However in a new work vehicle, the idea of attempting the infamous gunshot was unlikely to happen. I was left wanting to go back but in a tougher vehicle. So on the weekends, I rebuilt a 1981 farm ute. The following year i went back and conquered gunshot and crossed the Jardine river. Having achieved my goal, it was time to build something that i could also take my family out 4wding. 

What started as a hobby, escalated when i started rebuilding my 1996 hilux. I'm a big Ultra4 racing fan as you've probably already guessed. Having watched the King of the Hammers, I was inspired to do my very own long travel, IFS Suspension. You can watch the video of the finished build here. I admit, i probably got a bit carried away. But pretty proud as punch of the end achievement. 

Fast forward a few years, the opportunity came to purchase a second hand Ultra4 from Thorpe Motorsport. Having never competed, i decided this was a great chance to dip my toes in the water and race in the limited class of Ultra4 Racing. You can read all about my first race on the blog or by clicking here.

Soon, i'll begin my next project. Building my very next IFS Race car for the 2020 season of Ultra4 Racing Australia.

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Career Accomplishments

2019 2nd Place Ultra4 Round 3

2020 5th Place Ultra4 Round 1

2022 1st Place Don River Dash