Our V6 places 5th in the Unlimited Ultra4 Australia, Round1.
Round 1 of Ultra4 Australia all got a bit muddy. Wet weather, slippery hill climbs and rocky terrains made for some epic racing action. In fact, of the 21 cars competing, a total of 8 vehicles took a roll over the course of the weekend.
Our old girl pulled through, totaling 12 laps in total over the four heats. However, the natural roughness of the track took it's toll on car #22 and eluded us from a podium stand.
A melted gear shifter cable after heat 1 held us back at pits, causing us to forfeit our 2nd place poll position for heat 2. Sheared bolts on the lower swivel hub plate followed after the second heat. A blown fuse stopped the radiator fan, slowing us down in heat 3. As for heat 4, a quick stop to top up power steering fluid was needed, or in hindsight, not needed, as mere moments later, we spectacularly took a roll on telecom hill to finish out the day.
Through it all, every car put up a solid performance. However it was Matt and Chris from Anything Mechanical who took the win for the unlimited ultra 4 class🏆👏
Thank you to Ben and the  crew for a top weekend of racing. Another thanks goes to my Navi Cameron, my father David, who impromptuly stepped in as pit support, Matt from Anything Mechicanial-who spared us a gear shifter cable, the recovery crew-for your help out at telecom hill, plus everyone who made it an enjoyable weekend 🍻

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