The new buggy gets its first shake down race!
Does this sum up how our first race went 😆
A programming issue with our ECU lead to fuel being dumped into the engine on deceleration. So that meant we were out mid heat 1. However, I heard it gave some spectacular viewing though 😅🔥
We came to the race to give the ultra4 a good shake down and we're really happy with how it performed mechanically. Few tweaks needed here and there. Shocks were a little soft but not far off where they needed to be, considering we had not adjusted them since taking them out of the box. In the corners we had a bit too much body roll which will hopefully be sorted with a heavier sway bar. Few more test runs and we'll be ready to take on Round 1 2021.
Once again, Ultra4 Australia put on a great event! Made even better with a top support team in the pits. Ashley and Megan to be Sergeant, my parents David and Wendy McNab (pit crew and babysitters), Cameron Provost and Dean Symons. And as usual, its always great to catch up with everyone in the ultra4 community.
My wife cannot stop bragging about what a spectacular job she did as Navi for her very first time. Its a real pity I couldn't hear her... since our comms weren't working properly. Guess I'll have to take her word for it

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