We have partnered with Runva Winches

We have partnered with Runva Winches

We are have partnered with one of our favourite Australian brands Runva to help support our big race dreams!

Runva's reputation for producing reliable, versatile and durable winches extend over 20 years. Our own experience with Runva dates back to over 10 years, with four of our own vehicles relying on Runva (See image below). It is the proven quality of these electric winches that have made the brand an essential part of our off-road 4x4 journey. 

It is why we have chosen to partner with Runva and offer our three chosen Runva Winches for your next 4wd adventure. Available to buy, includes the 11XP Premium, 13XP Premium and the EWB9500-Q Premium model. The fast EWB9500-Q model features on our very own IFS Ultra4. 

Racing is expensive. All proceeds from winch purchases help us with ours teams race goals as well as supporting the Ultra4 sport here in Australia. 

Check out the Runva winches by clicking here!

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