Davimac Limited Buggy races at Round1 Ultra4 Australia
The self proclaimed Log Kings finished their first round of Ultra4 Australia intact, and as an added bonus, we drove the buggy back onto the trailer at the end of the day! 
If you haven't been following us on social media. Brady and Blake, with very little 4wd experience, took the keys to our old Ultra4 Limited Buggy and raced at Round1 of Ultra4 Australia.
But if there's one way to get started, then why not start at the pinnacle of extreme 4wd racing (sorry winch truck guys ).
To start out their race/4wd journey, Brady and Blake, during sitelap, faced a good 4m dropoff. Maybe 12m; we don't want to ruin a good story tomorrow in the smoko room for Blake. As well as this, the boys earned their log king titles for driving over and lodging themselves onto a log rather than following the clearly marked track.
Heat 1 at 8:30; Brady was the first in the driver's seat. Nice, consistent driving by the boys got them 2 laps in but a power steering fitting got hit after entering the rocky creek section. A crack in the part left them stranded in the creek for the remainder of the heat. However, we found a welder, and as horrible as it was, stopped it leaking fluid and drove the repaired car back to pits. Shannon also made a new breakline for the rear diff as it was crushed. But despite all our running around, we had the car back out and ready for heat 2 with 10 minutes to spare.
At 12:30, Blake then had his turn driving the same circuit. In true underdog spirit, the boys got in 3 laps during the 1 1/2 hour time frame and returned to pits. Following that round, we found some bolts had come out of the transfer case, spilling out oil, which needed fixing.
Heat 3 was the Davimac Telecom Hill Shootout. Brady steered into Telecom Hill brilliantly avoiding the notorious first ditch, like a well seasoned race car driver. But as the old saying goes, 'we were going soo well until'....the steering locked up and nearly veered off the track.
We next entered straight into the mystery night stage. Blake did not shy away from the rocky, short course in front. And stole the show for the night, spectacularly crossing the finishing line on two wheels, while relying on a tree to avoid the car tipping over. All while the spectators cheered and helped them along. It's one of those moments where you just had to be there!
There were smiles all-round for these two top blokes and we can't wait to share the footage in the coming weeks.
Ben, Matt and Karlie put on a fantastic event! Thank you guys for your hard work, as well as the marshalls, recovery crew, time keepers who all help make the event possible. Plus a thank you to our two other pit crew, Jono and Danielle.
Next up is Round 2, King of the Mountain.  Shannon and Amy will be back with their IFS Ultra4 ready to race! 

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